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How to select a doctor

How to select a doctor?
Like any other things in life choosing a doctor is very important. This can become question of life and death if you fall in unqualified hands and your health can be in danger.
One should be very careful in looking for a doctor. The better thing would be to find a doctor in your neighborhood before you fall ill; it is possible that when you are not well you might end up choosing a wrong person as your doctor.
Unfortunately the society is not much aware and concern about selecting a doctor. We are very choosey in restaurant which offers particular taste of food or cuisine, take hours in selecting a pair of cloth but when it comes to health many are just very causal.
One must be extremely cautions while choosing a doctor; ultimately it is important for good health of you or your loved ones.
There are various systems in India who can treat various health aliments.
1.     Allopathy: Includes degress like M.B.B.S(bachelor degree) M.D.(various branches like medicine,gynecology,skin etc) M.S.(Various branches which does the surgical treatment like General surgery,orthopedics etc.) Then comes Super specialist like D.M.(Cardiology etc) McH( various surgical super specialists)
2.     Homeopathy: Includes degree like D.H.M.S and more.
3.     Ayurved: B.A.M.S. and more
Out of all this only allopathic doctors can practice modern medicines like tablets, injections, intravenous fluids etc.
You are free to choose the system of medicine you trust, all systems are having one goal of making one’s life healthy and productive and try to offer you a cure of illness.

Checklist before going to a doctor: What one should know and ask
·        Read the board of doctor properly. In case of qualified allopathic doctor or any other pathy doctor degree of doctor should be written. If not, there is something to hide. Beware.
·        The so called doctor claims to be specialist in so many things.
·        Try to look for display of degree certificate in clinic.
·        The so called doctor should be able to issue certificate for leave and fitness-if he is qualified allopathic doctor then only he or she can issue certificate.
·        Doctor should be giving or prescribing drugs as per his qualification only. Means allopathic doctor cannot write homeopathic or ayurvedic medicines and vice a versa.
·        When ever in doubt or preferably at first visit  ask the doctor about his qualification, the patients  has got right to know the degree of doctor
·        Do not just blindly follow your friends or relatives who visit a particular doctor because they know him or her since many years.
Red flags:
·        Advertisement of something which offers cure by some mysterious method which most of us has not heard. Like cure for diabetes etc.
·        Big big advertisement in various mediums like News paper,TV etc. Be very very careful in trying such dangerous experiments. Nobody knows its authenticity. It might lend up you in big health issues.
·        The announcements or advertisement which claims to be best and blames all other treatments.
·        Person or camps offering something special which other doctors do not know about.
Please remember:
·        Anything which has effect has to have side effects
·        One particular medicine or remedy effective for someone not necessarily works for all.
·        All patients must have a qualified family doctor.
·        Before visiting any other specialist it highly desirable to consult your family doctor once and take his or her suggestions. Your family doctor not only knows you physical ailments but almost all aspects of your lifestyle which can impact your overall health.
·        Asking reference from your friends or family for a specialist or choosing to visit a specialist or super specialist is not desirable. Your family doctor obliviously is the right person for all this advice.
·        And above all keep your eyes and ears open when visiting a doctor.
·        Please take informed decisions.


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