Friday, April 1, 2016

Medical Leave Certificate-Dr.Saheb Aapi Do Ne !(Please doctor give it)

There cannot be doctor, for whom issuing leave medical certificate is almost, always the most unpleasant work he or she is asked to do.
Will discuss only medical leave certificate here, there are various certificates issued by doctor but the list is long so will be discussing this only
Legal provisions (Mandatory requirements) for doctor:
Ø Doctors need to issues certificate of treatment and leave as and when asked for as per medical records available with him and for the duration of treatment taken and rest advised.
Ø Issuing a false certificate may invite legal action against doctor
Ø Medical certificate are important legal documents in the court of law
Ø Please issues leave certificate in format prescribed –Performa is formed by MCI
Ø Always issues medical leave certificate in person-means do not issue to anyone else other then patients (relatives, friends etc.)
Why unpleasant?
Ø Increasing demand from various age of group of patients starting from a kid of 3 years who us just going in nursery.
Ø Many of times-asking for favor-means asking for a false certificate
Ø Asking for leave certificate at a drop of a hat-for one day or without any particular need
Ø No intention of paying fees for same-doctors can ask for fees to issues certificate as a documentation charge
Ø Always asked by patients as “Saheb Khali ek certificate appo ne” (Just need one casual medical certificate), nobody is going to see it just for record!!! “Aato aapvu pade elte”( just a formality)
Ø Most of the time it is way to adjust leave suggested by administrators, get medical certificate from doctor and I will grant to you leave-passing on his onus on the doctor`s shoulder.
Day to day situations in which false certificate are asked and problems faced by doctors:
Saying no obviously displeased the patients and increase headache of doctors. They just keep arguing or requesting for one and doctors for obvious reasons says no to issue such a certificate –““Tame nahi aapo to biju kon aapse ? “-who else will give if you say no? (At times you may lose a patient or entire family as your regular patients by saying no)
1.     Adjusting office leave for vacation or marriage or etc social reasons (At the same posting updates on social media directly from function, Whoa!!)
2.     Casual leave is not in balance
3.     For students not appearing in exams or absent from school due to social reasons or some other non medical reasons. Teachers simply suggest a “golden way”; get one medical certificate if you want get away with this problem,  And parents buy such advised immediately-“ family doctor che,certificate to appe j ne”( He is our regular doctor, will have to give a simple medical certificate)
4.     Appearing for interview or exams at some place and taking leave another office or college. (Just Imagine an illness which makes you unfit for one place or job and you are fit to visit another place or officially appearing for a competitive exam-Selective illness??!!
5.     Your regular patients brings his close friend or another family members who is not regular patient and ask for a certificate-“Saheb to appda khas che-na nahi j pade”(My doctor is very kind to me,he will surely not say no)
6.     “Are saheb aat la varso me pehli var magu chu”( Sir I am asking for first time in these many years)
7.     My retirement is near and lots of leave in balance, must be utilized.
Important points to be understood and request to all for kind cooperation:
Ø Medical leave certificate is important legal document, issued for any purpose it can never be a casual document
Ø No doctor will issue a false certificate and please do not ask for one. The certificate can only be issued for the duration of illness or required recovery period post illness.
Ø Please inform your doctor that you are going to ask for a certificate for this illness after you recover.
Ø If needed please get a certificate immediately at time of resuming duties.
Ø My request to all caring teachers-Principles-School administrators-at least to some extent please accept parents note for granting  medical leave(say up to 2-4 days etc –this is just an example) and do not suggest them to procure medical certificate for non medical leave to adjust presence  in school or internal marking etc,this puts lots of unnecessary burden on doctors
Ø You are about to retire, there are no rules as far as I know which states that your all medical leaves must of exhausted before your retire, please refrain from such demand

The intent of this article to make public aware about the reality and make them aware about the perspective in general and to understand the importance of Medical leave certificate and put forward the views of doctors and make doctor and patient relationship healthy and trustworthy.
Thanks for kind attention.

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