Saturday, May 10, 2014

o o womenia

“O...O... WOMENIA”
(Tentative Programme)
                   Venture of Ladies Club Ahmedabad Medical Association     
 Date :- 08-06-2014, Sunday             Venue :- Ahmedabad Medical Association
8.00am to 8.45am                Registration & Breakfast
                                      Master of Ceremony : (1) Dr. Khyati O. Joshi
                                                                               (2) Mrs. Sushma Shah      
8.45am to 9.00am                 Invocation – by Mrs. Sarlaben Trivedi
9.00am to 9.40am                     Session -1
                                                   Chairpersons  –  (1) Dr. Parul Shah
                                                                                 (2) Mrs. Bhavna Chhatrapati
9.00am to 9.20am                  Topic     : 21st. Century Women
                                                   Speaker : Dr. Mona P. Desai
9.20am to 9.40 am                Topic      : Panel Discussion on  PCOS
                                                                   ( Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome)
                                                  Moderator :     DR. Rucha Mehta
                                                  Panelists :   (1) Dr. Ramesh Goyal
                                                                        (2) Dr. Usha Bohra
                                                                        (3) Dr. Anshul Warman
9.40am to 10.20am                    Session – 2
                                                    Chairpersons : (1) Dr. Chanda Patel
                                                                               (2)  Mrs. Deepika Shah
9.40am to 10.00am                 Topic      : Graceful Ageing
                                                    Speaker : Mrs. Binaben Handa
10.00am to 10.20am              Topic      :  Non-Surgical treatment for Uterine
                                                                       Fibroid  – Uterine Fibroid Embolization                                                                      
                                                    Speaker : Dr. Sandip Jhala
10.20am to 10.30am                    TEA-Break
10.30am to 11.15am                   Inauguration
                                                   Prayer by  Dr. Shubhangi Shah
                                                  Welcome speech by President – Mrs. Alka Dikshit
                                                  Club Report – Mrs. Mayuri Vachharajani
                                                   Felicitation of Guests -  
                                                   Lamp Lighting –
                                                   Speech by Guest of Honour-
                                                   Blessings by Chief Guest-
                                                     Vote of Thanks -                                                     
11.15am to 11.55pm                     Session -3
                                                        Chairpersons :  (1) Mrs. Meena Makwana
                                                                                     (2) Mrs. Trupti Bhalani     
11.15am to 11.35am                  Topic      : Information Technology & Women
                                                             Speaker :  Dr. Darshana Thakkar
11.35am to 11.55am                  Topic      : Osteoporosis
                                                        Speaker : Dr. Mehul J. Shah
11.55am to 12.35pm                  Session - 4   
                                                        Chair Persons : (1) Dr. Ushaben Shukla
                                                                                     (2) Mrs. Vimlaben Trivedi
11.55am to 12.15pm                  Topic      : Me Time (how to cultivate hobby) 
                                                        Speaker : Mrs. Aditi Desai
12.15pm to 12.35pm                  Topic     : Myths & Facts about Cosmetology
                                                        Speaker : Dr.Chintan
12.35pm to 1.15pm                    Session – 5
                                                        Chairpersons : (1) Mrs. Sudhaben Saihgal
                                                                                   (2) Mrs. Ansuya Ladola   
12.35pm to 1.15pm                    Panel Discussion
                                                        Issue : Career or Family? What to prefer?
                                                        Moderator : Mr. Unmesh D. Dixit   
                                                        Panelists : (1) Dr. Falguni P. Vora
                                                                            (2) Mrs. Harsha Panchal
                                                                            (3) Mrs. Sumira Shah
                                                                            (4) Ms Radha Sharma
1.15pm to 2.00pm                         LUNCH
2.00pm to 2.40pm                         Session -6
                                                           Chairpersons :- (1) Mrs. Hiral Shelat
                                                                                        (2) Mrs. Sheela Chaudhary
2.00pm to 2.20pm            Debate on “Women’s enemy is women Only”.
                                                           Speaker:  Mrs. Falguni D. Purohit   &
                                                                             Audience Participation                                                                               
2.20pm to 2.40pm                        Topic   : Understanding your Family Finances
                                                          Speaker:  Mrs. Sejal H. Desai
2.40pm to 3.50pm                            Session - 7
                                                            Chairpersons: (1) Mrs. Jashna Mehta
                                                                                       (2) Mrs. Radha Shah
2.40pm to 3.10pm                           Topic   : Ek Mek Ne Gamta Rahi E
                                                                            ( Tips for Prasanna Dampatya)
                                                           Speaker: Dr. Hansal Bhachech
3.10pm to 3.50pm                          Panel Discussion
                                                         Moderator: Mrs. Dinaben K. Sanghvi
                                                          Panellists :
                              Mother-in-Law                         Daughter-in-Law   
                               (1)  Dr. Mayaben Shah           (1) Dr. Khyati Mehtalia
                               (2)  Mrs. Anju Shah                 (2) Mrs. Kilu Shah
                               (3)  Mrs. Taru Shah                 (3)  Mrs. Mayuri Vachharajani             
3.50pm onwards                          Valedictory Function & Lucky Draw                           
For members:Rs. 100
Spouse: Rs.200
Accompanying Person :Rs.300


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