Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My dream Installation Ceremony as President A.M.A. ” An organized team work “

I will remember 30th September, in my life. A day when I was installed as president of Ahmedabad Medical Association. Probably the youngest president of oldest and largest branch of I.M.A. in India. What a coincidence!

It was a day of mixed feeling from morning, though as I was prepared had a peaceful sleep last night as I know that my team is with me and everything will be fine.

Everything was fine and when we(me & my wife-mayuri) reached the association, already there were about 25 people present at 8.30am.My wife was with me ,as usual she is with me when I need her the most.She is my inspiring force and guides me when ever I am in problem or celebrating something like this.Obviously I was some what anxious as I was taking this Hugh responsibility.

Inauguration of “g” speaks
My brain child. With every body’s effort it got proper implementation. I was quite amazed by enthusiasm in the members and buzz moving around me asking about what it is.

It got its grand inaugural talk by Mr.Jay Vasavada, an eminent young dynamic writer. A well known versatile columnist. The one who is well read across all ages. Special thanks of Dr.Parthiv Mehta for this.

As you usual and as expected he was at its best. A humble human being with lots of messages to be given in short time. Even at 9.45am the hall was full. Every body was eager to listen him. Simple men speaking simple sentences still very effective and fact of life.

Simply superb. Person of any age could have loved to listen to him. As an organizer we had initial anxiety about the presence early in morning on Sunday, but we were amazed popularity of the Jay Vasavada. After listing to him I could understand why he is so popular among all ages.

Installation Ceremony:
The event I was waiting for.
Dr.Khyati took over as MOC from now on.
It began with prayer and blessings from 4 young blind boys, singing beautifully.Mehul was the man behind the whole arrangement.
I do not want to thank him for anything, as friendship needs to no formalities. Once again new idea of prayer and inviting pretty young girls for brining memento on stage.

The function began well with a good welcome note from the President Dr.Mehul Shah, as usual covering recent events with message.

Then the time of installation ceremony came. There was wonderful idea of presenting bio data of the team member on screen along with a good light song in the background.

A great work by Dr.Sanjay Raval.Brillant idea. Careful selection of songs was done and care was taken to make it lively and soothing to the eye.

Then time for my installation came.Dr.Bhavesh Patel, introduced me in such a nice way that people really loved it. His way of presentation was excellent with small punches in between, making people aware about my strength and vision power.

With lots of mixed bag of feeling in my mind I took steps on the stage and Dr.Abhay Dikshit, my senior mentor was there to greet me and award the highest achievement of the association The President.

We had exchange of medallion with Dr.Mehul Shah. Seats were exchanged and I was on president’s chair with tears in my eyes and lots of dreams in my mind. As usual Dr.Bhavesh Patel was at its best. In his special way he had done his job wonderfully. Audience was amazed the way he speaks and his soft and humor filled tone he has mentioned everything that he wanted to convey.

Than time for my maiden speech at president came. A jam packed hall with all the eyes on me, expecting something special, as I was told before my senior colleagues that expectation are very high from me, that I will do something special during this year.

I was fully prepared for the same. First time a president was giving his acceptance speech with help of audio visual. My vision is absolutely clear, narrating my journey in to AMA I presented my plans for the coming year and how professionally I am planning to manage things at association. I do not dared to attempt using special quotes in my speech as eminent speakers were present on stage and in audience. I started with lots of thanks to all concluded with asking for help and support during the year.

Then there were speech by Mr.Bimal Patel. A very simple man with lots of vision and experience. Again a very humble human being. In morning he entered the hall quietly without any fuss and sat in the front row. No complaints. During his speech he presented the way he works, how to make people partners in growth. He also gave valuable tip how to handle difficulties in implementing things.

Then the time again came for Jay Vasavada. He started with a different tune this time. Still it was again very pleasant. He started to speak about the way this function is organized and way it is conducted in Gujarati.Again he take the audience for a ride, which everybody was enjoying.

Dr.Jitubhai inaugurated the Family Benefit Scheme of A.M.A.He is a very good orator .In his unique style he welcome the new team. This scheme will be operational soon.

The new things attempted by us during this programme:

1. Paperless communication with guests.
2. Invitation card in Gujarati and made from recycle paper-Khadi
3. Programme attempted in Gujarat, with most of the speakers speaking in Gujarat.
4. Paryer by blind students. They were offered full respect.
5. Power point presentation for bio date with background music.
6. Secretary presented facts about AMA by power point.
7. President delivered his speech using audio visual aid.
8.No flowers were used in decoration. 
9.All the guests who attended the function were greeted outside the hall by a book of Gandhiji.
10. Traditional Gujarati food served.

Dr.Khyati,did a wonderful balancing act with small small punches in between.She make sure continuity in between is maintained.She also conducted programme in Gujarati very effectively.

This all things were possible due to proper planning and execution by new team of A.M.A.

Again how can I forgot friends,well wishers like you who are reading this post.Support and wishes from all of you is must.

Thanking you all.




  1. It feels really good and proud with your new achievement!! heartily Congratulations...

    The above article proves that you not only a very good Doctor, but a good writer & presenter too!!!!!



  2. Heartiest congratulations and wishing you all the best to climb still higher