Tuesday, July 17, 2012

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Medical queries? Health portal will provide guidance

Mehul.Jani @timesgroup.com 

    Acommon cold, or something more serious? Now, an online health portal will help users diagnose their condition.Theportal,Familyphysicianonline.com, combines health information with practical advice.
    The portal gives information on hypertension, depression, diabetes, heart attack, backache, obesity, elaborates on their symptoms and suggests cures.

    One of the founder membersoftheportal,DrPragnesh Vachharajani, said, “The internet is a double-edged sword. Now-a-days people access it to get all sorts of information, including on health. However, the accuracy of information available on web is suspect. So we have come up with an online portal that will answer patients’ queries and also guide them.”
    The site also allow those accessing it to pose queries which will be answered by a team of experienced doctors. “This will help children the
most, especially teenage girls who find it difficult to ask certain question to their parents. Rather than be misguided by wrong information, it would be better for them to get advice from professionals. The questions posed and the answers will be visible to all who access the site. However, the person’s identity will not be revealed,” said Vachharajani.
    The portal is the brainchild of five city doctors — Dr Pragnesh Vachharajani, Dr Jashwant Darbar, Dr Abhay Dixit, Dr Rajesh Saighal and Dr Mehul Shelat.

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