Saturday, April 21, 2012

Changing Season,take care of your health

City cools down after drizzly Friday

Light showers and cool breeze bring relief to Amdavadis hit hard by searing heat; more spells of rain likely today

Ahmedabad Mirror Bureau 

    The overcast skies finally opened up in the wee hours on Friday, answering prayers of Amdavadis seeking a respite from the searing heat.
    People woke up to a pleasant, drizzly morning and enjoyed the bright colours in the nature’s palette over a hot cup of tea. By mid-day, people had already made their plans: a gettogether at the kitli, a long drive or simply walking down the road.
    A week ago, venturing out in the afternoon in this parched city was unthinkable.
    Said Kalpesh Saxena, a resident of Sabarmati, “I go to Gandhinagar every day for work. But on Friday, the ride was superbly pleasant. The scent of wet earth and green patches on the way got my day off to a rocking start. I got drenched and was shivering inside the airconditioned office, but I have no complaints.”
    Light showers also gave Amdavadis the perfect excuse to savour hot and delicious dalwadas. Home-maker Rimple Shah caught up with friends at Shivranjani and chatted away over several cups of chai.
    “If not for the rains, I would not have met my friends in the afternoon and enjoyed so much. We welcomed the showers munching dalwadas and sipping piping hot tea. The atmosphere was just right for some offline socialising,” she said.
    Dhaval Shah, a marketing manager, was however taking the happiness the rains brought with a pinch of salt.
    “It made a lazy Friday lazier. While it is definitely a respite from the heat, I am afraid unseasonal rains
might just destroy the mango crops. This means that it will push up the mango prices,” he said. “Also, we may have to endure a hotter Saturday,” he added.
    The Met department had forecasted light thundershowers across the state on Thursday.
    Around 3 am, Ahmedabad received the showers. Met informed that the unseasonal rain is due to the western disturbance over Pakistan due to trough up to north east Arabian sea. The maximum temperature in the city was 31 degree Celsius, a drop of eight-nine degree Celsius. The minimum temperature was 26.7 degree Celsius. More showers were expected on Saturday, said Met department.


Change in weather conditions may see a spurt in viral fever and allergic bronchitis warn doctors. People with relatively poor body immunity system can fall ill easily during times like these. Common cold, fever and sore throat are primary symptoms of weather-related ailments. “Fluctuation in weather triggers common cold, cough, allergic bronchitis and breathing problems. Children and elderly citizens are most prone to such ailments. Even migraine-prone people need to take care of themselves this season,” said Dr Pragnesh Vacchrajani.
Dr Yogesh Gupta also advises people to safeguard themselves against swine flu by taking proper precaution. He said, “Flu viruses tend to strike in cold weather. Since, several cases of swine flu have been reported and hospitals have been asked to be on alert, citizens should also take appropriate preventive measures. If you are being treated for viral infection or cold, ensure you complete the course prescribed by your doctor. Also, if you are visiting a hospital during this season, it is important to wear a mask.”

Children enjoy a cycle ride on a rainy afternoon as pedestrians walk down the road, umbrellas in hand


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