Friday, November 4, 2011

Succesful mission-doctors on call in Diwali

The initiative taken by providing s of emergency assistance to patients in Diwali was very successful.We have answered almost more then 225 call during holidays,the peak was seen on the day after new year.

There were calls from all corners of ahmedabad.The call timings were also almost entire day ,more in morning and evening.

Some of the calls for burns were received almost past midnight.

The common reason for calling was fever,cough.Most of the were asking some advise on phone rather then visiting doctors.There new cases ,as well as those who were on treatment before diwali and not their doctor is not available for follow up.

Some patients were calling for long term aliments they were having since weeks ,which has worsen during this time.Senior citizens were calling just for safety and to check availability of doctors in their area.

There were hardly in serious cases fortunately.We really appreciate medias help in this ,as we can spread this message.

There were calls praising the service,checking the claims made etc.Some of the doctors when they come to know, even volunteer their services after reading about it.

One of the doctor in Sabarmati,even did not accept any charge from patient when the patient after talking on phone come personally to clinic.

There were calls saurastra also,most of them from Rajkot without their knowledge about the location of doctors they are talking.One 1 year child was even refereed in rajkot also,they also sought second opinion about the treatment going on.

The support of all the hospitals and doctors was very good and without every body`s help this initiative could not be successful.

We promise to make this a regular yearly event with more support and more reach to the people next year.

What we have got is a sense of satisfaction and joy of giving and celebrating diwali not only with family but with patients also.

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