Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the family clinic

What is The Family Clinic?

A group of highly qualified family physicians joining hands together to provide quality and affordable care to the society.
Will have

>common identity
>uniform sign boards, uniform dress code, stationary for clinic use
>And one mission to upgrade and improvise standard of health care provided by family physician, who are considered to be back bone of health care system.
>We want to create a brand across Gujarat.
>After Surat, Ahmedabad is the second to start this concept, and more cities to follow.
>This clinics will deliver a quality care, will follow common protocol for all disease treatment and will gather data of chronic diseases like HBP, Diabetes etc and try to modify the course of disease by using this scientific information in co-ordination with various health agencies.

In short it will be one stop shop for all basic needs of a patient and that with quality assurance for betterment of society.

At present there are about 70 clinics are under this brand and 56 doctors with us.

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