Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Increasing Seasonal illnesses-please be careful

Increasing cases of viral fever-cough-cold across the country.
As we know due to ongoing winter temperatures are decreasing and this has lead to substantial rise in the cases of cough, cold, fever etc. The cases have gone up to almost 100 %. Though not unusual in this time of the year, still precautions are needed.
Most the families are having one or more members affected by this. As this can be contagious, preventive measure definitely helps.
One needs to be extra careful in patients of extremes of age like children and senior citizens in the society. This is the class of patient who needs proper care during the episode to prevent complications.
Common points that will help patients to recover faster:
·         Avoid visiting crowded places.
·         Drink proper fluids, hot liquids are better
·         Take proper diet: Any home based light diet is fine but must.
·         Take proper rest. Rest helps in recovering faster.
·         Avoid taking over the counter medications for longer period of time
·         Consult your family physician in time.
·         Avoid taking antibiotics on your own. This can be dangerous.
·         One medicine that is useful for someone may not be useful for you.
·         Wear proper winter clothing.
·         Do not cough in open.
·         Home remedies are age old and proven, but at the same time along with them proper medical attention is must.
Tips to prevent spread of infection:
·         Maintain good hand hygiene. Frequent washing of hands, cleaning of door handles, floor etc with mild anti septic etc will help prevent spread.
·         Avoid shaking hands, as this is very common medium for spread of infection.
·         Take good healthy diet.
·         Remain physically active.
·         Computer key boards, shared telephone etc can also spread infection.
·         Open windows in day time to let the sun rays coming in.
·         Clean the filters of AC on regular basis.
·         Those who are at risk can get benefit from flu and other vaccines. Please discuss the options with your family physician.
Issued in public interest by Gujarat State Family Physician Association.
Dr.Pragnesh M.Vachharajani

Family physician and life style disease consultant.

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