Friday, March 2, 2012

Hello My Doctor

What's the service?

Hello My Doctor is an Innovative Service that will
  • Help Doctors to make their time more productive
  • Ensure availability of Doctors for Telephone Consultations with Patients
  • Will Save time, Energy and Money for Both Patients and Doctors

    • What is 'Hello my Doctor'? Please Explain.
      Hello My Doctor is an unique, innovative and useful service that allow patients to connect to their Doctors for Follow up consultation and in times of need and emergency.
    • Please Explain as how 'Hello My Doctor' will work and how will I be able to connect with my Doctor.
      First and Foremost the Doctor needs to be registered with hello My Doctor. To reach your doctor, you will need to Dial (040-67222222) and then the Extn number of the Doctor, followed by the coupon number. If the Doctor is available the call will be transferred to the Doctors phone. If your Doctor is not registered on Hello My Doctor, please click here to send him an invite.
    • Will the Doctor to whom I wish to connect to be available any time I wish to speak with him.
      No the Doctor will be available at the times specified by him and has the liberty to be available to be available at any time he is free. You will be informed if the Doctor is available or not when you dial the extn number of the Doctor.
    • How will I be charged and what is this Pre Paid Coupon?
      To connect to a Doctor, you will need to buy the prepaid coupon either from the Doctor directly or from any other sales outlets that Sell the Hello My Doctor Coupons. You will need to enter the coupon number for the call to be transferred to the Doctor if the Doctor is available to take calls. The Value of the coupon will be decreased based on the cost per minute of the Doctor and the duration of the call.
    • Where can I purchase the Prepaid Coupons from:
      Coupons can be purchased from the Doctors premises, if they are selling the coupons or from any other retail outlets selling “Hello my Doctor’ coupons. Also they can be purchased online by clicking here.
    • What are the types of Coupons Available?
      There will be three types of coupons available which are as follows.

      ● Single Day Consultancy Coupons – Maximum Usage – 15 Minutes
      ● Multiple Consultancy Coupons – Single Doctor
      ● Multiple Consultancy Coupons – Multiple Doctors

      The Single Day Consultancy and Multiple Consultancy (Single Doctor) Coupons can be used only to connect to the Doctor from whom the coupon was purchased from and will be available only individual Doctors premises. . The Multiple Consultancy Coupons can be used to connect to any Doctors registered with ‘Hello My Doctor’.

      Single Day Consultancy Coupons: - Will be sold only at the Individual Doctors Premises
      These coupons will be valid for 24 Hours from the time of first use with a maximum talk time of 15 minutes. These coupons will be priced Rs 20 and will be sold to Doctors for them to sell to their patients. The Doctor will be free to price these coupons at whatever price they wish to sell. These coupons will also be sold on the website of Hello My Doctor.

      Multiple Consultancy Coupons – Single Doctor: Will be sold only at the Doctors Premises
      These Coupons will be sold at the Doctors premises, Website of and other sales outlets such as medical shops, petrol pumps etc. The Denominations available will be Rs 100, Rs 250, Rs 500 and Rs 1000 and the value of these coupons will decrease progressively as per the usage and the per minute call charges of the Doctor. So if the Doctor charges Rs 10 Per Minute, the patient can talk to the Doctor for 10 Minutes on a Rs 100 Coupon and the coupon will be valid for year from the date of first usage. Essentially the difference between this coupon and the single day consultancy coupon is the Validity of the Coupons.

      Multiple Consultancy Coupons – Multiple Doctors
      These coupons will be sold very widely and at all possible consumer outlets, such as Medical Stores, Hospitals, Super Markets, Exhibition and Fairs etc. Using these coupons the patient will have the option to connect to any doctor available on the system. The Doctors will be compensated at the end of the months for all the calls that they have attended. The Denominations available will be Rs 100, Rs 250, Rs 500 and Rs 1000 and these coupons will also be available from the website of Hello My Doctor. (
    • Do I have to Sign up to start using Hello My Doctor?
      No, you do not have to sign up to buy coupons and connect with your Doctor. However if you sign up, you can see the coupon usage details.
    • Can I buy Pre Paid Coupons online ?
      Absolutely. You can buy the coupons online . Please click here to buy coupons online.
    • Can I use the Coupon and connect to the Doctor from any Phone?
      Absolutely. As long as the coupon is valid, this can be used on any phone to connect to the Doctor.
    • Tell me more about the Company that has Launched 'Hello My Doctor'
      ‘Hello My Doctor’ is being launched all over India and is being Incubated and Funded by iAccelerator (An IIM-A - CIIE Venture) and is brought to you by Rye Tele Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, Hyderabad. The Service is the first of its kind in India and will be a great benefit to both the Medical Profession as well as patients looking for expert opinion on various medical related issues and for your patients to consult with you when in need from the comforts of their Homes/Work Place.

    Benefits for Doctors Benefits for Patients
  • Ensures that your time is productive and is compensated for.
  • Ensures the availability of your Doctor when you need them the Most.
  • Ensures your availability for telephonic consultation when your patients need you.
  • In addition to being a big convenience can save considerably on Time and Cost.
  • Helps you to provide a great convenience to your patients.
  • Can have the satisfaction of having compensated the doctor for the time spent on consultations.                            
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