Monday, December 5, 2011

Novel Idea-Celebration of Marriage Anniversary by Donating Blood.

One fine Sunday evening,when we were driving in our car on routine outing with my son tirth,devam and my cousin devang,suddenly an idea struck my mind ,that lets have some novel way of celebrating our 13th marriage anniversary.We were not aware about the day on which our anniversary was to come,Since long I was planning to organize blood donation camp at my clinic and wanted to donate blood.

In just 5 minutes the whole event was finalized when we show a ad.hoarding about some musical programme on same day and it was written that it was Sunday.

My cousin devang who was also with us,got very much excited and immediately we started making list of prospective donors for the day.

Invitation was sent to all friends ,family and patients also.

And the day of event ,the response was very very good.All of them who promised earlier and registered turned up on time.The camp started with Dr.Atul Shah,who had come specially to support the event leaving behind a important meeting at his hospital.

We both donate at the same time,and our blood was seeming to meet on the shaker like our heart.

Our family friend hitesh and minal were also celebrating their marriage anniversary,hitesh was very much disappointed when the doctor due to some reason do not allow him to donate blood.Minal donated ,the best part was that she was donating for the first time. 

Really the event was very much successful and our main aim to conveying the need of regular blood donation was also fulfilled with the help of media friends.The entire event was very well captured  on TV9.

There are still calls from pouring from many family members across the India appreciating the idea.

We really from bottom of our heart thank all the supporters.

Thanks you all.

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