Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Medicos on Call--During Diwali

Medicos on Call-During Diwali

Situation 1:
A wee hour on day of diwali Mr.Mehta is having high grade fever and vomiting, he tries to call his doctor, found that he is on vacation, feeling very weak, he is confused what to do now?  Does not want to go to hospital straight away, he is diabetic and knows that this has happened due to party dinner.

What to do?

Situation 2:

A small 1 year old is running high grade fever, cough and cold. The illness seems to be minor one, but still parents are concerned as no one like to celebrate diwali when your child can enjoy it. They tried to reach to their doctor who was on vacation, the doctor prescribes the best possible thing on phone, and still the aliment is not going. They also know that physical examination is must

What to do?

Situation 3:

A patient of renal stone is having stone pain; he knows this pain of renal stone only, but not getting relief this time by his routine medicine, he was aware that his doctor is not in town, injection is must to relieve pain,

What to do?

This are just few examples of minor day to day aliments that can happen in any family and at any time, again this are not very serious yet needs proper medical attention and availability of doctor is must.

Every year during festival season especially during diwali, the festival becomes a matter of concern for many patients like heart patients, diabetes or others who are having some serious diseases.

In some even minor aliments make then confined to home and spoil their diwali.This year again the season of various illness like malaria, dengue etc, is at its peak.

Looking to interest of the society at large we doctors have decided to start a medical helpline for any needy patients. We are a group of family physicians who are having a brand called “THEFAMILYCLINIC”,this is basically a group of qualified doctor and this is an initiative of Gujarat State family physician forum.

Last year the experience was over whelming.
>there were calls for second opinion
>some body was calling to know status of doctors as one of her parents who is sick is traveling to Ahmedabad.
>There were some minor burns cases who wanted to see doctor for treatment.

These are the some of the examples.

Continuing the same service this time also the family physicians of “The Family Clinic” group has planned somewhat similar.

There will be central helpline number which any body can call to get assistance and find out doctors in there near by area. We will have list of family physicians that are present in the city in diwali holidays.

We will be having a list of doctor area wise so that patients can be guided in their area only.

Apart from this year we are doing more detail planning and we are in a process of preparing list of Pathology labs, radiology clinics, ECG service, pharmacy stores etc. We want to have complete net work across Ahmedabad.

We are taking help from technology also. We will publish these details on our website and face book page of thefamilyclinlc. The patients even can post their minor aliments queries on this page and get solutions for the same.

The helpline number:9825086839

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