Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beti bachavo

Ahmedabad: Over 150 doctors
who are parents of only girl children
— either one or two, with the
youngest over seven years of age —
will be felicitated at a function on
Nominations were invited from
a community of around 6,000 members
where medico couples who
have completed their family with
one or two daughters were selected.
“Couples who have a girl child
above seven years of age means
that they are not trying for a son,
they have completed their family
with their girl children,” Dr Jaswant
Darbar, president of Ahmedabad
Medical Association (AMA)
that is organizing the event said.
Darbar and his wife will be one
of the couples to be felicitated for
completing their family with two
girls. “Since we are doctors, we
could have used technology and
aimed for a male child. But we believe
that there is no difference between
a son and a daughter. A family
becomes happy with a child, not
with the sex of the child,” said Dr
Darbar who is a proud father of two
college going girls.
Pediatrician Dr Akshay Joshi
has two grown daughters will also
be felicitated. His wife is a dentist.
This is one of the first such
events to be organized by the doctor
community which has been under
fire ever since the census 2001 revealed
the sex ratio at a skewed 883
girls per 1,000 boys. Rampant sexdetermination
done by the doctors,
mainly radiologists and gynecologists,
is accused to have done the
maximum damage allowing parents
to kill the girl child in the
womb. This also unleashed series
of stringent action against the doctors
where medicos found
guilty of violating the
Pre-Conception Pre-
Natal Diagnostic
Techniques Act
(PCPNDT) Act were
booked, their machines
seized and
clinics sealed in the
past years.
Ever since doctors
have been trying hard to
build an opinion in the society including
the medical fraternity that
girl children need to be saved and
that a family can be complete with
girls without hankering for a son.
Different agencies have been
working on the issue of saving the
girl child. In 2011, Gujarat was one
of the five states that showed an improvement
in sex ratio from 883 in
2001 to 886 in 2011 in 0-6 age group.
“The idea for such a programme
is to set an example before the public
we doctors are equally sensitive
to the issue. We want to convey a
message to the people that society
too needs to come forward
and change its
mindset. Government,
doctors and
society will
have to join
hands to address this serious issue”,
Dr Pragnesh Vachchrajani,
vice president of AMA said.
The couples will be felicitated
by former vice chancellor of Ambedkar
University Amrapali Merchant
and writer and socialist Kajal
Oza Vaidya.
Docs with daughters to be

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  1. Dear All doctors, Many many congratulations for organizing such a nice campaign. My humble suggestion-that people other than doctors may be given a chance to join this "ABHIYAAN"with them.
    Alkesh J. Vasavada Mob No- +91 7874329651 @ Surat.